Dear United Airlines

Dear Executives at United Airlines,

I would like to take this time to commend you on not disappointing me in your awful service. I have no doubts as to why your airline is ranked low for customer satisfaction, as there was nothing satisfying about my experience traveling with your airline, nor has there ever been. At least I can say you’re consistent. 

Let’s start off with what you believe a regional flight is. Newark to Dallas and Dallas to Washington-Dulles is NOT, nor will it ever be considered regional. Nothing from the East Coast to Texas is a regional flight. No matter how you slice up the country the East Coast and Texas will not be in the same region. Therefore you should not be putting people on a regional jet for a 3+ hour trip. Regional jets are for short trips not trips that cover over 1000 miles. 

Let’s talk about your regional jet for a 1000+ mile trip, I really appreciate the fact that you find the smallest ones you can and use them on these trips. Are you serious right now? Hey big wig exec sitting in your office why don’t you come on down sit in an economy seat on your regional jet and fly from Newark to Dallas and let me know how enjoyable it is. Flying on a normal plane for that length of time isn’t all that enjoyable, but now you’ve crammed as many people as you can fit on an even smaller plane, oh yes that’s enjoyable. Not to mention you’ve made the trip longer as they can’t fly as fast as your real planes. 

Do us all a favor and look up the definition of what a regional flight is. As my sister-in-law said if you get off the plane and they are speaking with a different accent it’s not regional. 

Now let’s talk about your scheduling and keeping things on time. Hahaha on time now that’s a joke. When you know at 4 am that a flight at 2 in the afternoon is going to be delayed because of crew delays then you need to get your sh*t together and work on your scheduling. But, again this really shouldn’t surprise me as every time I’ve ever flown your airline flights are delayed and/or late. And, well you could really care less about the fact that connections, appointments, events, or whatever it is we are traveling for. 

Between the delayed flight by 3 hours and then apparently the time warp or black hole we flew through I did finally reach my destination. So I guess you have that going for you. Hey, your new slogan can be we will get you there eventually. I mean seriously we were supposed to have a 3 hour and 45 minute flight that after an hour of flying we were told we still had 3 hours and 20 minutes left of the flight. WHAT!!! Are we flying backwards, did we get lost, what!? Over 2 hours later we are told we still have an hour left of the flight. Apparently that particular regional jet is capable of time travel. So thank you United for the longest flight to Dallas ever. 

Ok so at least I made it to Dallas. And, I did make it home, but let’s continue to discuss the wonderful airline that you are, shall we. I downloaded your app to my phone, checked into my flight, but for whatever reason your app wouldn’t allow me to have a mobile boarding pass. Okay, no big deal I have to check a bag anyway, so I’m going to the counter anyway. I’ve checked in via your app, I make my way over to the counter to check my bag and get my boarding passes. Well wasn’t it wonderful when I go to check my bag and get my boarding passes your system tells me that I don’t have a reservation. Hmmmm funny I’ve already checked in. Now your computer is asking for my reservation number. I try to use your app to get my reservation number and your app continues to crash. Well fantastic! I finally get your app up long enough to get my reservation number enter it in and voila we find my reservation. I pay for my bag get my boarding passes and then wait 20 minutes because you have 20 kiosks and scales open but only 2 actual people working the desk. Yup, your customer service continues to amaze me. Finally bags are checked and boarding passes in hand it’s off to get on a regional jet for the flight into DC. 

Oh did I mention that you’ve chosen to use an even smaller regional jet than the one I came out on. Why thank you United I wasn’t quite uncomfortable enough. 

Thank you for reminding me why I hate your airline and why I avoid flying your airline at all costs. Every time I fly your airline it results in delayed, cancelled, or stranded flights. I’ve been forced to spend more nights than I care to have thanks to you United. After this last experience with your lovely airline I’ve decided that if the choice is get there but fly United or not go my choice will be I’m staying home. 

So, thank you United for being consistent in your absolute awfulness. I now know that it’s not a fluke or just a bad day you are just really that awful. 


A Customer Who Will Not Be A Repeat Customer. 


2 thoughts on “Dear United Airlines

  1. Yet, you continue to fly them, and play the game. The game is: they see how misearble they can make you and thereby force you to pay for “extras”, while you try to find the cheapest ticket possible, even by a few cents. Stop playing.

    • That was the only flight I could get. Next time if it’s a choice between using United or not go. I will gladly choose not to go.

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