Last Day In Texas

Today is the last day in Dallas for me. I fly out early tomorrow morning. 

We went and had brunch, tried to go to the Aquarium at Grapevine Mills and well there wasn’t a place to park for miles. Apparently, today was the day to visit Grapevine Mills. 

So, we gave up on the Aquarium and headed over to Trader’s Village. What is Trader’s Village, a whole big lot of everything. There is an anusement park inside a giant flea market. We walked around the flea market for a bit.  There was a lot of junk, and I mean lots of it. The place is huge. 

After leaving the flea market extravaganza we stopped at the airport next door as The husband’s friend was at his hanger working on one of his planes. We stopped and chatted with them for a little bit and then headed out. 

We drove around exploring some little towns. We found ourselves in Roanoke, which is The Unique Dining Capitol of Texas. Which, the town was really cute and definitely had tons of different places to eat. One place called Babes must be quite the place. The entire sidewalk is lined with plastic chairs for people to sit in while they wait for their table. And, well every chair was filled and people were crowding the sidewalk as well. We did not wat there so I have no idea what they even serve there. But, by the people waiting to get in I’m going to say it’s good. 

We went to Twisted Root Burger Company. It was pretty good. They have all different signature burgers. The husband got a Kevin Bacon burger and I had the Tex Mex burger. I of course chose a turkey burger and their gluten free bun which was delicious. Besides beef and turkey burgers you could can choose vegan, bison, or their game burger. Lots of choices and deliciousness. 

Oh and let me tell you about their pickles. They make them there and have 5 different varieties. And, well I love pickles so I tried them all. Atomic, ranch, sweet & spicy, bread & butter, and the classic dill. Yeah they were all pretty tasty. I could eat my weight in pickles. I think I may have tried. 

It was a pretty awesome day seeing what Texas has to see and do. 

Heading back to VA tomorrow. 


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