Color Me Rad

Did the Color Me Ead 5K today with great friends. Ankle, knee, hip, and back be damned. I finished it. Good thing it’s chiropractor tomorrow and physical therapy the rest of the week I need it. 



Before the color fun began. 

And, now for the afters:



Oh did I mention my teeth were orange, a spot on my arm is still purplish-blue and I’ve been blowing all sorts of wonderful colors out of my nose. Yeah, it was awesome. Can’t wait to do it again. 


4 thoughts on “Color Me Rad

    • Thanks! I was hurting during the race and am definitely feeling it in my knee a bit and my back which will all get worked on tomorrow so no biggie. I have a month until my Mud Run 5k so I’m hoping we get my stuff healed up and ready for it.
      How was your competition?

      • Well, I took dead last! Ha! I didn’t even care. It was a lot of fun and I knew I wasn’t going there to win. Just wanted to have a great time and I did. If you had asked me a year ago if I’d ever compete in a Crossfit competition, I would’ve laughed in your face. So, win/win for me. Full recap on tomorrow’s blog.

      • Hey it’s all about having fun and way to try something new. I wasn’t breaking any records today either but I had a blast.

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