So, today’s post is brought to you by a little of this and a little of that. 



Did a little mani. I love these 2 colors together. Bright and fun for spring. I used Bonita’s Cocktails in Aruba and Ms Piggy nail colors. I’m already thinking of the next paint jobs on my nails that I will use these colors. 



Hello Jackie Robinson Day!!!

Third, not that this was originally going to be in this post or any post for that matter, but the commercial just came on, and well I got distracted by it. Cialis. Really, a commercial for erectile dysfunction. Okay fine but my favorite part is the fact that they’ve paired up older men, which I’m aware is their target audience with younger women. I mean aren’t any of them with women their own age. The first couple because I was not entirely watching the commercial at that point I thought was a father – daughter duo until they were kissing. And, at that point I had to pay attention to what the commercial was for. Which I quickly got, but whoa advertising agency for Cialis wasn’t quite prepared for that. 

Fourth, this didn’t happen today, but yesterday and it’s still bugging me. On Wheel Of Furtune, why do people continue to buy vowels when they know the answer to the puzzle. Hello Moron that’s $250 less in your pocket. Grrrrr! It just makes me mad.

Fifth, Holy Jet Noise Batman. They were using Fentress today and the house was shaking and if that wasn’t enough to alert me to the fact that jets were flying over, or I don’t know just the sound of them, but the dogs also took it upon themselves to bark themselves mad every time one flew over. 

And, that concludes today’s hodgepodge. Hope you enjoyed it. 


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