So, it’s that time of the year again. The time of year when everything that is outside is covered in a coat of yellowish-green film. Otherwise known as pollen. 

My car is disgusting looking. It’s completed covered in the stuff. And, having a black car definitely makes the lovely pollen show up nicely. I rinsed my windshield because well it was covered in a layer of pollen also. Of course after spraying the windshield and the wipers going to work there was a huge column of pollen on the side of the windshield. Gross. 

I had to pick up dog food today or things would get ugly in this household come tomorrow morning. As I was driving there was a gust of wind and holy cannoli there was a giant cloud of pollen that blew across in front of me. Yikes! 

It is now raining out which will hopefully settle down some of this pollen, and well the rain will either rinse my car of all the pollen or make it into a lovely paste. Guess I’ll know in the morning. 


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