Interesting Monday

I got up this morning planning on hitting the chiropractor, followed by a physical therapy appointment, and finally finishing the day off with grocery shopping. 

Yeah, that didn’t quite go as planned. 

I did see the chiropractor and make it to physical therapy. However, after that the day went all sorts of wonky. 

While in physical therapy the husband called to say he was rushing over to our friend’s house as there was an issue with the dogs and cats. I told him I was about 5 minutes from being done and would head over. We ended up going to the emergency vet with the cat, grabbed a quick lunch, and I headed home while the husband went back to our friend’s house to help clean up the aftermath of the incident. 

While home the husband texted me an address to look up on line. 10 minutes later I got a call saying be here in about an hour to go look at the house. Oh okay. 

While waiting for the realtor to show up the husband gets a call from the bank letting him know he’s pre-approved for a loan. Oh wait you’ve already called the bank. Uhmmm, yeah offer has been put in, now to see if they except said offer. 

We may be homeowners again, well we are homeowners, but homeowners of a house we actually live in. We shall see. 

Yeah, totally not how I saw this day going. 


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