According To An 8 Year Old

One of my friends from NY called me this afternoon to let me know she was driving in the car with her son who asked about me. As they were talking, he asked about the husband as well. 

After talking about the husband and his job, he stated that I’m a basically a single woman. Ahhhhh, this kid kills me. He’s also the one who told everyone I left with the carnival and would be back when it returned. Didn’t help that I moved right after the carnival left town and while living in Wyoming I came back to visit when the carnival returned to town.

No, I’m not single but yes for half the year I basically am. As, I make plans and don’t have to run these plans or check with someone else to see if they work with someone else’s schedule. Which, hey it’s pretty nice to just do what I want when I want. 

I mean I want to go to the circus, I buy tickets and go. Do some 5k fun runs I sign up to do them. Concerts that the husband has no interest in attending no problem I’ll go by myself. However, I would love to enjoy some of these activities with the husband. I really do miss him when he’s not home. 

Of course my OCD goes into overdrive when he is home and leaving stuff in places that it doesn’t belong has a bit of a tendency to send me over the edge. But, I’ll take those moments to have him home with me. 

I’ll get to see him soon for a few days before he heads back out again. 

Happy Tuesday!


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