Bark Bark Bark

My dogs love to be outside. And, well I’m okay with that. They get fresh air, burn off some energy, and stay out of my hair so I can get things done. 

The problem is this: they won’t stop barking. It is driving me BARKING MAD! And, I can just imagine how my neighbors feel.

What are they barking at? HA! I wish I knew. They bark at people, dogs, shadows, a leaf falling from a tree, nothing at all. I actually don’t think they need a reason to bark. I think they just like the sound of their bark. 

So, there is a whole lot of me letting them outside, the barking starts, me yelling at them to be quite, followed by me making them come in because they just won’t stop. And, well my neighbors don’t need to hear my dogs bark like lunatics for hours on end.  

I wish they came with a Mute Button. Until I figure out how to install one I guess we will continue with the current vicious cycle we have now. 

Silly dogs. 


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