I Won’t Be Surprised If You Are A Road Pancake

That’s quite the title don’t you think. Some people really need to be removed from the gene pool. Harsh I know but this person was a complete jacka$$. 

Motorcycles. Motorcycles, make me a bit nervous when driving as I don’t always see them, and the last thing I want to do his hit one. My husband has several motorcycles and I’m a bit of a wreck when he’s out on them. Not any fault of his own but the other people driving scare the crap out of me. People don’t always pay attention. 

Living in Hampton Roads there are lots of motorcycles being ridden so I’m pretty conscientious of them. But, every once in a while one will sneak up on me. Usually, I hear them before seeing them, well if it’s a Harley but if it’s a crotch rocket I may not hear it.

Today, I encountered perhaps the stupidest, dumbest, jacka$$ of a rider. Ughhhh, and shortly you’re going to see why the title is what it is. 

As I was stopped at a stop light near the exit of a 7-11 gas station, all of a sudden this large man on a Harley decided instead of waiting for traffic to start moving and pulling in behind the last car, he wedged is bike in between my car, the curb and the car in front of me. Uhmmmm okay. Good thing I was paying attention because otherwise I wouldn’t of seen him. But, his reckless behavior and impatience got worse. 

We were later stopped at another stop light side by side and instead of waiting for the light to change, he decides to ride between the two lanes of traffic up to the front of the line. Yeah okay. What the hell is your problem? What’s your hurry? Where are you going?

So, seriously if you end up as a road pancake I won’t be the least bit surprised.  And, I may not even feel bad about it. Because, seriously I could of hit you when you did your little sneak into traffic after getting gas. 

Okay fine rant is over. 


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