Rainy Day

What does one do on a Saturday that’s rainy? Not go to the store and try to find a parking space anywhere in the same zip code as the store you’re trying to go to that’s for sure. 

And, of course as with the universe and me as soon as I park the car in another zip code and start making my way into the store the skies unleash a monsoon of ridiculous proportions. How is it every time I go to run into a store we go from a light drizzle to down pouring rain and wind. 

Hahaha universe I have an umbrella with me at all times now for times just like this. Although, you still got me with that wind. I had to hold the umbrella pretty high on the handle and make sure I was working with the wind, but I made it to and from the store with minimal soaking through. 

Of course after my second stop I decided to say screw it I’ll do the birthday girl shopping tomorrow. I have had enough of the rain and trying not to get completely drenched.

Of course as soon as I got home the universe laughed at me again and it stopped raining. Not for long but still. Why universe why do you not like me?

Tomorrow I’ll aim for the picking up the birthday gift for a little munchkin who is turning one. 

Happy Saturday everyone. 


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