I’m Going To Need Some Depends

Have you caught the new hidden camera show on ABC, called Repeat After Me? If you haven’t you need to watch it like NOW! Don’t stop, don’t pass go, just sit down and watch this hilariousness.

I tuned in last week as I was bored and had turned on the television and ABC was the station that was on. Within seconds of the show starting I was cracking up, within minutes crying I was laughing so hard, and by the end of the show I was bent over at the waist holding my stomach from the laughing I was doing. 

I tuned in last night to catch the newest episode to see if last week’s show was a fluke. I’m happy to report it was not a fluke. Last night I was laughing just as hard as I was the previous week. 

I’m thinking I may be heading out to the store before next week’s show and picking myself up a package of Depends. I have a feeling I may pee my pants from laughing so much. Seriously, this show is a Depends Moment. 

Check it out, you get celebrities saying and doing outrageous things to an unsuspecting mark, and all of these things that are said and done are being spoken into their ear. It’s pretty funny watching the celebrity do what they are told and the host’s reaction to how they do some of the things is priceless. Wether it’s stripping their leather shorts off, twerking on a wall, wrestling a dummy, or using their sonar like a bat the celebrities are troopers and pretty awesome at how they handle the directions. As I would crack up and not be able to keep a straight face. But, hey I guess that’s why they are celebrities and I am not. 


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