It’s That Time Of Year Again

Last night we sprung the clocks ahead. And, well if you haven’t done that yet and can’t figure out why you’ve been late for everything today, you now know why. Move those clocks ahead. 

I personally hate this time changing nonsense. I wish we’d pick one time to be on and just stick to it. 

They both have their pros and cons. I mean I love fall back when I get that extra hour of sleep, gaining that extra hour back is nice it’s almost like time travel. Hey I get to repeat this hour let’s see if I can make it better this time around. I however, hate that it’s dark at like 4pm when we do that because it’s just so dark all of the time. 

Spring ahead I hate because we lose that hour of sleep. 

This is so beyond true for me. And, well you lose an entire hour of your day. I mean that’s fine but sometimes I need every minute of those 24 hours. I mean luckily it’s never happened on spring ahead day, because I’d be royally screwed. I however, love that it’s light out for so much longer. It’s after 7 and still somewhat light out. And, in a few short weeks it’ll be even better as it’ll be lighter even longer. 

So, as you can see I’m up in the air as to which time scheme I like better but I wish we’d just pick one and stick to it. 

Hope your weekend was rocking 


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