Disney I Think You Have Some Explaining To Do

I’m pretty sure Disney is using some serious Voodoo Magic. 

The phenomenon that is Frozen is insane. First sign of this is my husband actually knows when he sees something from Frozen. My husband wouldn’t know anything Disney while in Disney World. Yet, about a month ago we went out to dinner with friends and their 6 year old daughter had a vest on that had a little patch on it with Elsa. I didn’t even see it or pay any attention to it. Yet, as we left the restaurant my husband asked me what the deal with Frozen was. I kind of almost tripped from pure shock and asked why are we talking about Frozen and uhmmmm random. Until he told me that our friends’ daughter was wearing Frozen stuff. Wait! What! My husband knows what Frozen is yet alone can recognize a character from the movie. It’s official Disney’s Frozen has officially taken over the world. 

The second sign of this is that almost everyone I know says their children will just stop and pay attention and watch the whole movie. 

Today, I saw it again. A fussy baby and then a little Frozen’s Let It Go thanks to YouTube and instant end to the fussiness. It was like this baby was in a trance. Wide-eyed staring at the screen. Completely oblivious to the outside world. 

Seriously, Disney what the heck do you have going on. What is in that song? There has to be some sort of unknown message that only some people are getting. 

A new Frozen short is being shown with the live action version of Cinderella and I’m betting that most of the kids wanting to see Cinderella are really only wanting to go because of the Frozen short. 

Ahhhh Disney I don’t know how you do it but kudos to you because you’ve clearly created a gold mine that will continue to cash in for some time. 


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