Dramatic Much

I have to laugh. I grew up watching news from NY. And, well when the news was reported the news anchors were 99% of the time on top of things. They didn’t stammer, were able to read the TelePrompTer and when the news was reported it was a serious tone or a hint of humor or whatever the story the were reporting called for. 

In Wyoming I couldn’t watch the local news because they were that awful. I don’t think I have ever heard so many Uhmmmmms, uhhhhhhs, and stumbling over words as I did watching a 30 minute minus however many minutes for commercial breaks. I am almost positive that one of the local elementary classes could of done a better job of reporting the news then the news anchors in Casper Wyoming. Although, what do I expect it’s not like people are scrambling for the opportunity to be the news anchor in Casper Wyoming. And, well if they are why? 

Now, here in Virginia the local news anchors here are highly dramatic. We are getting a wintery mix tonight and we’ll you’d think it was a full out 10 day blizzard barreling down on us. But, it’s not just the weather it’s any news story. A story about boosting Norfolk Sheriff’s office hiring and it’s like life altering news. Can we find a happy medium please. Although, I will say they can read the TelePrompTer and there are very few uhmmmmms. At least that is something. 

How about you how are the local news anchors in your neck of the woods. 


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