Let’s talk about heels. Ladies, you know that you have a love/hate relationship with them. Or at least I do anyway. I love heels I think they look great, make the legs look longer and leaner. However, they kill my legs and feet. Holy Crap I feel that they are pure torture. Within 20 minutes my feet are sore and throbbing and I just want to rip the damn things off. And, forget about walking, standing, or dancing. Uhmmm yeah I just want to throw my feet up and get a foot rub. Where are you at my husband? I’m the person that brings the purse that is way bigger than a clutch because I’ve got a pair of flats packed in my purse because those heels aren’t staying on all night. 

I own tons of heels because I’ll buy a pair to wear for some function that go with whatever I may be wearing. I of course usually wear them for an hour or so and then they get thrown to the back of the closet because they hurt my feet and just aren’t comfortable to wear. Therefore, with this being the case I don’t spend a whole lot on heels because if I’m not going to wear them and they hurt in not paying a lot for them. 

By refusing to pay a lot for a pair of heels I find myself at Payless a lot looking for heels. And, well I’ve now fallen in love with heels. Payless has a brand called Dexflex. OMG! I’m in love. I actually wear heels more than once and wear them any chance I get now. Okay, well right now I’m refraining since my leg is a bit jacked, but before the leg injury I was looking for excuses to wear them. What!!!! Yeah, I know what you’re thinking how can this be. Let me tell you. 

This brand is amazing. First lets talk about the fact that they come in wide sizes, not that I wear a wide width but I find in heels I like having the little extra room. Increase in the comfort level for sure. Second the insole of the shoe is extra cushioned so more comfort. And, lastly the heel height is perfect. It’s a heel but not super high which is just awesome. I walk like I’m a newborn fawn when I’m wearing heels that are high. I wobble all over and feel like I’m going to trip and forget stairs I avoid them at all costs. However, with these heels the height is perfect and I don’t feel like I’m teetering, ready to fall over, and stairs aren’t a scary thought. 

Dexflex also makes ballet flats which I am in love with and obsessed with. I have several pairs in all different styles and colors and wear them quite often. The Dexflex flats are super comfy and again some come in the wide width for those who need it. Needless to say Dexflex may have a little to do with the shoe disaster that has occurred in my closet. But, hey it’s Payless and they always are having sales and coupons. 

Seriously, if you’re not much of a heel wearer but have to wear them from time to time check out Dexflex at Payless and they are currently doing a sale on all Dexflex shoes. The more you buy the more you save. And, of course they have all of their spring/summer colors and styles out right now and well there are some pretty fun colors. 


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