More Snow

Well it snowed again. A few inches nothing like I’m used to, but of course the entire city is shut down. 

As I predicted my appointments for today were of course cancelled. Which was fine because I wasn’t about to get into my car and drive anywhere with people not knowing how to drive next to me. 

Of course the news here is being dramatic about things. There was a car that the front end of it went over the wall on an overpass. Of course the news were going the car is just dangling there. Uhmmmm no it’s really not. It’s not going anywhere. We don’t know if people are hurt. Well the driver got out of the car just fine and if it was dangling like you say that wouldn’t of happened oh yeah and they called their own tow truck before calling the police to report the accident.

The news is also letting us know how many calls the police have been called out on. Since midnight they are at 300 and something. So really, actually not that bad. Since I think on Tuesday they had that in just 2 hours. 

Well, I’m ready for warm weather and no snow I can’t take the absolute absurdity of this place when it does snow. 


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