The husband and I joined our friends this afternoon for a movie. We went and saw Kingsmen. And, well I have to say it was great. I really enjoyed the movie. All 4 of us enjoyed the movie.
It had a good plot, action, cool spy gadgets, and lots of humor. Samuel L Jackson with a lisp was just amazing and had me cracking up every time he said something. Lots of memorable lines happened in the movie. The husband and I found ourselves repeating many of them on the ride home and laughing about them all over again. It’s not a serious spy movie, because well that is quite boring, it’s got some slapstick cheesiness to it in parts but oh so funny.
And, well I really want some of those gadgets they had. Some days I feel I should of been a spy. How cool would that be.
We went to the Beach Bistro Cinema which was awesome. We had an early dinner while watching a movie with friends. The menu is quite extensive and really good. It was a great way to spend the husband’s last afternoon before he heads out of the country tomorrow.
Although, who knows as we are supposed to get snow, sleet, and freezing rain tomorrow. So he may not be going anywhere. Who knows.
I’ve got the last load of laundry in the washer and we ran to Walmart last night to stock up on the supplies he needed. So tomorrow everything will be packed and ready to go. We have some things to do in the morning and we’ll get him packed and then he flies out tomorrow evening. Well if the weather cooperates that is.
Anyway going to enjoy the rest of this Sunday night.


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