IKEA To The Rescue

My closet is a bit of a mess lately. It’s not the clothes. Those are all hung nicely and arranged with like items. You know sweaters all together, dresses, pants, shirts, and well yeah they may be arranged by color as well since I do have a bit of OCD, but hey I can find what I need when I need it.
I do need to organize the the handbags a bit as I’ve recently bought some new ones and well now they aren’t as organized as they should be.
But, no the real problem is the shoes. Holy Crow! I can’t even close the doors right now because well the shoes are just a big old mess on the floor of the closet. And, well forget about finding the match to a shoe. It’s basically a big game of find the needle in the haystack.
Now these pictures aren’t of my actual closet, because well I didn’t take a picture of that disaster. However, these pictures from google searching messy shoes in closet pretty much hit the nail on the head with the looks of my closet right now.


So, those aren’t my shoes or my closet but that is pretty much the disaster I’m dealing with.
The husband has to take a class in the DC/Dulles area, and since I’ve been cooped up in the house the last few weeks I decided to make the trip with him. Which of course prompted the discussion of, “Oh we can stop at IKEA and see if we can find something to organize the shoes.” My husband’s response was, “I know the source of the problem.” Yeah, dear we are not going to do away with the problem we are just going to treat the symptoms. Trust me it’s the best option.
On our way up to DC today we stopped in at IKEA and found the Skubbe. Not only, did we find these storage boxes with dividers but they were on sale. Uhmmmmm SCORE!!!!
We grabbed 6 of them and now I’ll be working on organizing the madness that is only some of my shoes.



Here’s hoping that my closet will look as organized as this with my shoes after I’m done. My dream home is going to have one hell of a closet that’s for sure.


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