Snowpocalypse Continues

Well we received 4 inches of snow and then ice on top of that. And, well the city is still pretty much shut down. It’s slowly coming awake now. But, to say that there were a lot of delayed openings and closings would be an understatement.
Schools are all cancelled again city/government agencies if they are open, had a delayed opening, and well the roads are hit and miss.
Our street was a solid sheet of ice and will not be plowed or sanded as they don’t have the ability to take care of that many streets, they are barely making it with the main and secondary streets. It is rather sunny out and it’s warming up a bit which means our street has now melted from ice to slush, which of course will just freeze over again tonight. Hopefully by the weekend it will be gone.
As for the main roads they aren’t too bad. They are mostly cleared but if you need to make a turn, well you could be in for a challenge depending on your car.
Ah these southerners just can’t handle the snow. Thankfully, winter is nearly over and this shouldn’t be a problem for too much longer. Bring on the warm weather and my flip flops.


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