Apparently It’s Snowpocalypse

All day the television has been flashing a winter storm warning across the screen. The news has been updating with Storm Patrol and my phone has been going off like crazy to alert me to the incoming storm.
The storm hasn’t even started yet but both NC and VA have declared a state of emergency. All in way to get prepared for this storm. Oh wait I forgot we now name winter storms. So hold on to your hats folks Winter Storm Octavia is on the way.
Schools are cancelled for tomorrow, businesses are closing. I got an email from the eye doctor letting me know that the office would be closed tomorrow and if the roads aren’t cleared by Wednesday they’d be closed that day as well.
Shelters are being set up across the area. There are warming shelters set up as well.
Now let’s talk about the amount of snow this storm Octavia is expected to drop. You ready for this. Up to 4 inches, that’s right folks 4 whole inches. The way they are preparing for this storm you’d think they were talking about 4 hundred feet were going to fall from the sky.
I mean what would these people do if they were in Boston right now. I mean those poor guys up there have been getting hammered with snow. Here, we get 4 inches of snow and well the entire place shuts down. I haven’t gone to the grocery store but I bet there isn’t any bread water or milk on the shelf. Guess what I’m not going to the store to buy any of that nonsense besides that I have a very thoroughly stocked freezer full of anything we could possibly want. Well except milk, but I have several cans of coconut milk so if we need milk we will just have to deal with coconut milk.
Although, I will say my husband got a bit excited earlier this morning and was all I’m going to go find the shovels. Uhmmm really hunny it’s 4 inches of snow. We don’t need to shovel that crap. Seriously, take the broom and give it a few swipes it’ll be fine. Let’s be honest if he wasn’t home not even that would get done. I’d be like oh snow and walk through it. It’s 4 inches, not that big of a deal. That doesn’t even warrant me brushing off the car that much.
Anyway bring on Winter Storm Octavia, I’m ready, and won’t be driving anywhere since these Virginiaers are clearly terrified of snow I can just imagine the way they drive in it.


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