Just A Sunday

The husband came home early from his work trip. Last night after picking him up from the airport we went out to dinner and then came home and pretty much passed out. Exciting life we live I know.
Today, we’ve been pretty laid back. We went out for brunch and drove around a bit. After returning home the husband went out to play ball with the dogs for a little while. And, I do mean little while it’s pretty chilly and windy here today.
We are heading out to dinner with friends in a bit. It should be fun. I spent Friday night with them at the hockey game.
Oh and the hockey game was great. There were fights left and right. There was one fight between 2 players that was helmets and gloves off and fists flying. I love hockey.
Tomorrow will be another day of chilling out since it’s President’s Day. Nothing exciting planned. Maybe I’ll be able to talk the husband into going to see a movie. We shall see.


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