Hair Cut

Last night while I was getting my MRI the salon I go to called and left me a message. It wasn’t the normal confirmation phone call, it was we need to discuss your appointment that’s tomorrow. Ughhhhh! I cringed. I knew what this phone call meant. Sure enough it was exactly what I thought. My girl was gone. She is no longer working at the salon. Ughhhh!!!! I really liked her. She did an awesome job cutting my hair. So there was a bit of a groan and an Oh No coming from me.
However, I’ve been going there for a little while now and knew some of the other stylist there.
I was told that one of the other stylist had an opening when I was supposed to come in anyways, and it was one of the other stylists that I liked.
I headed on over this afternoon and got a great cut. As I was leaving and booking my next appointment I was sure to ask you’re going to be here in 6 weeks right. Her answer was yeah I’m not going anywhere. Good to know. Because there is only one more stylist there that I would use. They are all great I just like some better than others.
So I dodged a bullet there in that I don’t need to find a new salon, because it’s really nerve wracking. And, drives me nuts.
Happy Wednesday


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