This morning was an early morning. We had to have the husband at the airport by 6am for his flight to Texas. We left the house at 5:30 and I gave him a quick kiss at the curb and headed home. I was ready to curl up and go back to sleep.
And, well the universe laughed in my face on that one. As soon as I got back on the highway BAMMM! A car accident and traffic was pretty much at a stand still. Awesome!
In the tops of 10 minutes from the time we got off the highway till the time I got back on this accident occurred.
I really hope the people involved in the accident are okay because it looked pretty nasty. I’m not even sure how the accident happened as it looked like they some how hit head on, and since its a one way highway we were on that’s not super easy to do, and add in both cars were spun around facing the wrong direction. So however this accident happened I’m thinking they hit pretty hard.
Anyway, by the time I got home the dogs were ready to play and eat. So there was no going back to sleep. Okay that’s not entirely true I did take a nap this afternoon.
This being sick and the knee being a pain in the a$$ I’ve been really tired.
The husband was awesome last night making sure the garbage and recycling had been taken out. He ran the dishwasher and than emptied it and put everything away, and even loaded the dinner dishes.
I have a ton of laundry to fold and put away, but at least it’s all washed and dried.
I took care of some things today. Namely getting my follow up with the orthopedic that will happen after my MRI tomorrow scheduled, called the dentist about my bill I received and talked about scheduling my dental work that needs to happen but of course the one day the husband will be home they can’t do it that day, and took care of some tax stuff.
Oh fun fun day. I miss the gym.


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