Valentine’s Came Early

This really shouldn’t come as a big shocker to anyone that the husband will not be home for Valentine’s Day. He will be in Texas for work. Bit of a bummer but it is what it is.
However, I picked out a ton of stuff from Stella & Dot’s Spring Catalog and said here I like all of these things. He then narrowed my list of over a $1000 to three items.
And, guess what they arrived in the mail today. They weren’t supposed to be here until Monday, but they got here early. 😃
And, yeah NO, I am not nor did I wait to open said package. I did manage to put the groceries away and eat a bit of lunch before tearing into the package though. I mean I did exercise some restraint.

I got a necklace well actual it’s really 3 necklaces in 1. There are 2 pendants that can be worn separately or together. It’s pretty rocking and I love it.

Pretty chic if I do say so myself. I’m trying to be more stylish and grown up about what I wear. I mean I’ve been wearing heels a lot, although they may be out for a little bit with this dang knee. I wear makeup when I go do things and trying to spruce up the accessories I wear. I mean I never change my earrings it’s always my hoops in the bottom hole and diamonds in the top hole. If I’m going to a wedding or something I’ll change them up but that’s it. So, I’m trying to be more accessory conscious I guess you could say. And, well this necklace right up my alley.
Along with the necklace I also got 2 bracelets. Which are already on my wrist.

Love them! The first one is the Inspire bracelet and lately I’m really into rose gold so this is perfect. It’s rose gold with a nice soft leather strap. It’s really comfortable and I love the design.
The second bracelet is the engravable cuff. You get to pick what you want on it. Initials, initials and a heart, numbers, whatever. I went with coordinates. We put the coordinates of the Eiffel Tower on it as that is where we got engaged. Maybe I’ll ask for another one with dates on it. Anyway it’s super cool and has found its home on my wrist.
So Happy Early Valentine’s to me.
I love you husband of mine. And thank you for the beautiful gifts.


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