It’s SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!!!! Do I need to say more?
The husband and I are headed off to a friend’s house for the game. Being as one of them is a HUGE Patriots fan and my husband is as well I’m sure there will be lots of yelling at the tv. Me, well I’m a Tom Brady fan even if he is a giant ass, and I’m a real big fan of butts in football pants. Oh, and the commercials I like those too.
I ran to the store to pick up some stuff to bring over, and the place was a mad house. Oh and Velveeta completely sold out. Apparently, everyone is making some cheese dip. It’s okay I picked up queso cheese and will still be able to make cheese dip. I have to look in my cupboard to see if I have any gluten-free crackers for me since there were none of those to be had either. If not it’s okay I don’t really need to be eating crackers anyway.
The lines were insane they stretched from the register all the way down the aisles. It was crazy town. I hit the self checkout before it became insane there too and was able to sneak out quickly.
Apparently everyone was getting their game day supplies.
Well here’s to the Super Bowl hope you’re having fun.


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