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When we had gone to DC during MLK weekend we stopped at IKEA as we were driving right by it.
Well, we found this little greenhouse while there along with a wine rack which we desperately needed.
So, first I’m not sure I posted about the wine rack, if I did I’m going to talk about it again, and if not well I’m going to tell you about it.
First, I have to tell you about our previous house. Well no first I have to explain why we have so much wine. We have lots of wine, and I’m not sure why being as the husband and I are both not very big drinkers of wine. I’ll drink a white wine occasionally, but I’m not a wine with dinner kind of girl. Sometimes I wish I was I’d feel more sophisticated or something I don’t know. However, me if rather have a hard cider or bring me the vodka. As for red wine, YUCK just the smell is enough to give me a headache. And, we definitely have more red than white wine because if I’m going to drink wine I’m clearly reaching for the white. Anyway, we have tons of wine because the husband brought it home after one of his many overseas adventures. We used to have cases upon cases, it’s slowly gotten smaller as we bring it to people’s houses whenever we are invited over or give it to people as, hey you dropped by to say hi, here have a bottle of wine to go. So, it has narrowed down a bit but there is still quite a bit left here.
Now when we were living in Wyoming our house had 3 bars in it. Can we say the house was built for drinking. Anyway, one was. Wine bar and so all of the wine was stored there. No big deal it was all put away neatly not a problem.
Well problem. When we moved into the little house we are currently renting here in VA there was no wine bar, not really surprising. There really wasn’t a whole lot of space for much of anything. We have some wine racks, little ones that you put on the floor or counter, but not really a lot of space to put them out and also keeping the wine away from heating ducts. I think I was able to open one case that we had boxed up and fill the wine racks that I could find a space for. The rest of the wine well that has been in their boxes in my coat closet on the floor.
But, ahhhh IKEA came to my rescue with this lovely little wine rack. We got 2 because well we have a lot of wine and oh yeah I forgot to mention the liquor we have a lot of that too and that needed a place to stay as well. The best thing about these wine racks is they are stackable. So I only needed a small space on the floor and then it would just go up. Perfect because I only have small spaces for things. Those IKEA geniuses love them.
The husband assembled the wine racks stacked them put it where I told him too and quickly went about filling it up. I know have the floor of the coat closet back and no more digging through boxes to find a particular bottle of something, and no little wine racks all over the place.

Now onto the little greenhouse. We saw it pretty much as soon as we walked into the showroom. I was like oh that’s cool and cute. No idea where we’d out it but that’s a cool idea. We decided we’d think about it since we had the whole showroom to get through before venturing into the Marketplace.
By the time we reached the Marketplace we had decided to go for it. Again the husband assembled it and it’s been sitting on my kitchen table. Yesterday, while out grocery shopping we found fresh potted herbs. We bought 6 different ones to fill our little greenhouse. Oregano, parsley, cilantro, Rosemary, thyme, and dill are all in the greenhouse. Now, to keep them alive. But, I love fresh herbs and I cook a lot so they will get used. I’m pretty excited about this little herb garden we have going on.

Happy Saturday


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