You’d Think A Blizzard Is Coming

So, the East Coast is getting a snow storm today into tomorrow. The last 3 winters I was out in Wyoming where it’d snow the wind would blow and it was cold as heck.
Well, the cities, NY, Boston, DC are all freaking out. They are calling for feet of snow, which yes not good in a big city because well where do you put that snow. They are already canceling school, closing public buildings, and shutting down the thruway.
So, thats what happening further North. As for what’s happening here in VA, well you’d also think a blizzard was coming. My phone is going off with alerts constantly, my news app keeps telling me winter weather is coming, the tv has it flashing across the bottom of the screen. I’m like hmmm do I need to stock up on anything, you know milk, bread, eggs, water. No, I went and did the grocery shopping for the week we are good. Have lots of food here we are good. I will go put some gas in my car when I head out to the gym, but other than that I think we are good here.
Yeah, so anyway after doing some research on what we will be getting here with all of these advisories going off. Yeah, less than an inch is what’s expected tonight after midnight. Really, this is what all of this winter weather bulletins are about. Less than an inch. That’s not winter weather that’s a silly little hiccup. Man, living in VA is sure different than Wyoming, or even NY for that matter. I of course know better than get up and go out on the less than 1 inch snow covered roads tomorrow morning since I’m sure people won’t know what to do apparently.
To all of my friends and family up North where the storm truly will be hitting stay warm and safe and stock up on bread, milk, eggs, and water.


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