New Year’s Resolutions

So, you know how everyone makes their resolutions every year and then either sick to them or by mid-February have completely forgotten about them.
I usually don’t care what people decide to do if they make them, follow through with them, or don’t bother with the ritual at all. That is until your resolution messes with my life.
Let me tell you the last couple of weeks there has been a whole lot of other people’s resolution screwing with my life and routine.
Now, a lot of people make the I’m going to join the gym and get healthy resolution, and it’s definitely evident the last 2 weeks at the gyms I attend. Holy crowbar!
The parking lots at the gyms are packed, the gym is packed, and fitness classes are overflowing.
The yoga class I have been attending nearly every day has gone from 2 rows of students to 3+ rows. Belly dancing class is packed you barely have room to move everyone needs to make sure they move in the right direction or there is bound to be some bumping into each other. The amount of people in this class also is partly due to its new and just started in January.
Now, let’s talk zumba. Holy cannoli! The last 3 classes just this week there were so many people you had no room to move. They are going to have to start turning people away if this continues because uhmmm zumba kind of important to have room to move. Today’s class was actually miserable. There were over 40 people in a room designed for 20. So, with the amount of people in the room and only one working fan it was about a 1000 degrees in the room and also very little room to get your Zumba on.
Oh, and then let’s talk about the gym parking lot. Yeah it was packed there wasn’t a space to be had. Even all of the spots that people make into spaces were filled. I made my own. Let’s just say it’s a good thing I have a 4Runner and 4WD. My car was in need of a wash before but now it’s really in need of one.
I’m glad all of you out there have decided you want to get fit but come on if you’re going to make that commitment why are you doing it in January when everyone and their brother is. Couldn’t you have waited till February when everyone has given up on their resolutions or started back in January so there wouldn’t be this massive influx all at once of people.
Oh and let’s discuss regular gym use. Good luck trying to get anything done as their is at least a 10 minute wait for any piece of equipment. And, people if you don’t know how to use or do something for the love please ask for help. You look ridiculous and you’re either going to hurt yourself or kills yourself. Here’s hoping this insanity ends soon. For those of you who are serious good for you and go for it, but those of you who are doing the whole resolution thing do us all a favor and just go away and give us gym rats back our gym.


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