And, A Visit To The ER

Last night I get home from my 2 hour gym session, and rush into the kitchen so that I can cook the rest of dinner and eat at a normal time, not to mention that I am starving. Luckily, most of dinner was already taken care of as it was in the crockpot all I had to do was steam the green beans.
However, as I’m doing this the husband informs me that Bonnie our almost 4 year old lab mix may be out of it. Uhmmmm okay, what happened. Well, apparently during a game of fetch, the thrown stick lodged in the ground and she ran full tilt into it. Great. I knew immediately yup something’s wrong and she needs to go to the vet. This dog is normally an attention hound and as soon as you walk in the door she is all over you. She wouldn’t even get up, yet alone really want you to touch her. Then when we put her food down and she wouldn’t even look at it, the decision was made. We are going to the vet.
Luckily, we have an awesome vet that we go to that was recommended by friends, which also happens to be a 24 hour emergency clinic as well. I call them and discuss what happened and we decide we are bringing her in.
We quickly ate dinner got Heidi settled to spend hours by herself, we were a bit worried about how she’d handle that as she is never without Bonnie. We loaded Bonnie into the car and headed over to the vet. Apparently, it was vet emergency night. There were a few people in the waiting room when we got there and the entire time we were there it was a steady stream of people and pets coming in.
After taking an initial look at Bonnie the vet decided to sedate her and do some x-rays and also get a better look at her mouth. The results were good, well good in the grand scheme of things. She does have a cut along her gum that’s about 3 inches long but is pretty superficial, and then it’s just a whole lot of bruising of her mouth. She basically beat the tar out of her mouth.
So three hours later a big bag of meds and a few hundred dollars lighter we made it home with our poor sad banged up dog.
I will say that our vet is really reasonable and an emergency visit is charged that same as a regular vet visit. It was the meds and x-Rays that cost the big bucks. The actual visit was $20. If we had gone somewhere else there is no telling what it would cost just to have the dog looked at yet alone any treatment.
Oh, and Ms Bonnie will continued to be spoiled as she needs to be on a soft diet of rice and boiled chicken. Guess what I’m doing today.
Here’s hoping today is a bit less eventful.


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