A few weeks ago I found a Dooney and Bourke tote bag at TJ Maxx and quickly scooped it up. A friend of mine saw it and loved it, and wanted it. So, I’ve been on the hunt to find it again, but hadn’t found it, and then when I did I told her about it, but by the time she got back to me it was gone. Next time I’ll just get it because hey you can always return it right.
Anyway, moving on. Last night she texted me a picture of a bag asking if it was the one I had. I said it indeed is. Where did you find it? The answer was an exchange on one of the bases. My eyes got wide and I knew I’d be making a stop there today. And, well I did and I scored big.
They were having a clearance on handbags. Awesome! Even better they were taking an additional 30% off the clearance price. Okay, sign me up! Even better than that I had a coupon for an additional 20% off all items even sale and clearance items. DEAL OF THE CENTURY!
I scored another Dooney and Bourke tote bag, a little different than the one I bought a few weeks ago in the red color that I’ve been looking at since I bought my black one for $60. I also picked up a Coach signature bag for $60. At those prices how can you only buy one?
And, I just realized I have another 20% off coupon stuck to my fridge. I’m thinking there might be another bag in my future.
I love living in civilization and near an exchange. Oh yeah and it’s tax free too.



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