Rainy Day

I had plans of washing the dogs’ blankets vacuuming and mopping the floors. Yeah, well that did not happen as it was a rainy day.
Oh, and the fact that my dogs love to be outside, Heidi especially, and she could care less if it’s raining or not, and well Bonnie depends on her mood as to if she wants to be outside and get wet or not.
So with this factor let’s just say the floors and blankets were not cleaned today. It would of just been a futile attempt. I mean as soon as I cleaned something my 2 furry beasts of dogs would have muddy paw prints all over it again. My poor kitchen floor looks a right mess. And, apparently the husband had mud caked in his boots because I’ve been picking up clumps of that all day long. And, it’s the path that he walks. Living room, kitchen, hallway, office.
I of course am looking at my floor sighing because they are a hot mess but the weather doesn’t really look like its going to cooperate with my need to clean for the next couple of days.
I did however get a load of human clothes done and will do another load tonight. I also made my breakfast for the rest of the week a zucchini and carrot Paleo quiche. I haven’t tasted it yet but it came out of the oven looking pretty wonderful and smelled delicious too.
Along with the making of my breakfast for the rest of the week I made mustard glazed chicken for tonight’s dinner. All I have to do is heat it up and sauté the squash when I get home from the gym. I love being able to get most of the meal ready beforehand so that I can eat pretty much as soon as I get home, because eating late is just not my thing. I hate it.
Tomorrow I’ll be making a big crockpot of stuffed cabbage in a cranberry tomato sauce. I figured I’d give it a whirl as I have cranberries in the fridge that need to be used. Of course I just realized I haven’t pulled the meat out of the freezer. I’ll be setting myself a reminder for when I get home to pull that out of the freezer.
Hope your Monday isn’t being too rough on you.


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