Just A Typical Sunday

I slept in today, had a nice breakfast which I enjoyed with a cup of a tea.

A Starbucks Paleo Pumpkin Scone Clone with turkey bacon, and pumpkin tea.
I then started the husband’s dinner. Pot roast with potatoes and carrots. I cut up all of the veggies and threw them in the crock pot along with the roast and some beef broth. It’s been cooking and filling the house with a nice aroma. He will have a nice hot, comfort meal when he gets home from his drill weekend.
After the roast was going I changed the bed over to the warmer sheets and quilt. We now have the flannel sheets and the big heavy quilt that the husband’s Omi made. I love this quilt it is super heavy and warm. Of course I have to put it on the bed sideways to make it fit our king bed properly. But, hey that’s okay. You can only tell if you come over to my side of the bed which isn’t seen since its near the wall.
I also finally got the 5 loads of laundry folded that have been sitting in baskets waiting for that to happen for like a week. Also, washed and dried all the linens from the bed and doing all of the towels. And, yet I still have a load of laundry left to do.
It’s been a pretty productive day. I still have some vacuuming to do, but that will probably wait till tomorrow when the washer is freed up so that I can also wash the dogs’ beds so that they are cleaned and dog hair will be lessened a tad while I vacuum. Seriously, these dogs of mine need to get the memo that it is now winter and they can stop shedding anytime now.
Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday.


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