Where & How Did You Get This Info

I’m having a procedure done today at one of the hospitals here in VA. Nothing, serious nothing of even concern it’s just a test.
However, over the last 2 days I’ve gotten calls from the hospital. The first was the insurance lady with the hospital getting all of my info and me pre-registered. Well, she’s asking me if I live at an address that I haven’t lived at since 1998. Where and how the hell did you come up with that. I said NO, I don’t live at the address nor have I since 1998. And, if I did live at that address why would I come to VA to get it done at your hospital? Oh yeah that doesn’t make much sense. Then she asked if I had been at the hospital the previous day. Uhmmm no. I asked her where she was getting her information from she said well you must of been to one of our facilities before. Uhmmm, again No. And, if I had I would of used my VA address not a NY address. Plus, she kept using my maiden name which is legally my name but my insurance is all under my married name. So, I told her that a million times. Guess what it’s not changed because…
I then got another call yesterday to ask me all of the same questions and remind me to be here an hour early with all of the other instructions I was given when making the appointment. Seriously, I’m not an idiot. Leave me alone. I got it. Oh than the best part is them telling me make sure you have someone to drive you home. I don’t need someone to drive me home my doctor and the nurses say that I am fine to drive. I will not be under any sort of medication.
I really wish different parts of the system would talk to each other so I wouldn’t have to deal with several ridiculous people every day. Because, I’m now arguing with them about what name is supposed to be on the files. Which I have had this argument for 2 days.
Ahhhh health care.


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