In Today’s Adventures

So the husband has been on the hunt for Kvass, and hasn’t found it anywhere. So, the man is home for 2 months, well he’s got himself a project.
He is now currently out in the garage home brewing.

We started off the morning toasting a whole crap ton of rye bread. Apparently it’s what you need to make the coveted Kvass. So, yeah our house smells like a rye bread store. You open the door to the house and the smell of rye bread is a bit overwhelming.
After all of the bread had been toasted it was off to HomeBrew USA to pick up supplies. We get there, and me being the awesome wife I am say just get the platinum brew kit. For $50 more just get it all. You won’t need all of it for this project, but I’m sure you will at some point and by the time you buy all the extras later on you’ll have spent more than $50. So, the wallet was a bit lighter after leaving HomeBrew USA.
We headed off to pick up some stuff for the house. Namely laundry detergent and dishwasher detergent. After picking that up we were on the hunt for a burner and pot. And, well it turned into exactly that a hunt.
Home Depot had some stuff, but we decided we will check out Lowes as it is across the street. Well Lowes was a bust, and the husband wasn’t too impressed with Home Depots selection. We stopped at Walmart I picked up some items. Of course why I put myself in Walmart on the first Saturday of the month is beyond me. Ahhh humanity.
We made our way home with no burner and pot. When the husband said I’m going to stop at the DIY store. Okay, you go in there I’ll go into TJ Maxx because that will be a lot more fun for me.
I found a purse I want, but I refrained. Although, after finding my husband in DIY and the money that was going to be spent in just a few short seconds, I’m thinking I’m going back. As the bag was offered for 1/3 of retail price.
Anyway the husband was able to find a burner and pot that suited his needs, we also got a new propane tank and learned that they fill tanks right there. Whoo!!! No more using crappy Blue Rhino propane tanks.
We came home unloaded the car and turned my kitchen into a rye bread crumb mess. As we now had to break up all of the toasted bread into chunks. I’m sure I will be finding crumbs for the next several weeks.
And, well he’s happy he has a project and who knows what he’ll come up with next.


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