Building In Progress

So, for those of you who know my husband, you know he’s a bit of a nerd/geek, I call him Sheldon from time to time, and well if you don’t know my husband he can tend to have some Sheldon like tendencies. Anyway, he’s a engineer and pilot. So science and all things nerdy are his thing. I try not to ask how something works because I won’t be told just how it works, but every minuscule detail from the time the idea was conceived. If you know me, than you know I tune him out after about 3 seconds. I just want the bare facts. When I need to know how to do something I no longer ask how to do it, but say just show me exactly what you would do. Don’t talk just do. And, I watch. It’s much faster this way and there is no fighting. I love him dearly, but I could care less how it actually works I just want to know how to plug it in and go.
Anyway, for Christmas this year Santa brought him so fun new toys. And, well he’s been busy at the dining room table assembling his gifts.
First up was an Erektor set. Do you remember these. I remember growing up my older brother had them, they were really cool came with little wrenches and screwdrivers. You’d build robots, towers, cranes whatever. Well Santa brought the husband an Eiffel Tower. And, well the Eiffel Tower means a little something to us as we got engaged in the tower in Paris, France, and married on the tower in Vegas. Jet lagged and all the husband pulled out the Erektor set and built us another Eiffel Tower to display in our house.
Along with the Eiffel Tower, a Tabletop Catapult was left for him. Just a little note one was also delivered to my younger brother. Today, well it’s a perfect day for building a tabletop catapult as it is raining and sleeting outside. So, hey what better time than now to build this contraption. He’s been working on it for the last hour or so. He is currently reading the book that came along with the catapult as he patiently waits for the glue to dry so that he can continue the assembly of the catapult.
The thing isn’t even fully assembled yet and he’s looking for things to catapult. He’s thinking dog treats for the dogs. I feel my house is going to get awful messy quickly. We shall see.
I think he likes his gifts.

This is the Eiffel Tower’s temporary home, we will have to find a more fitting place for it.

Catapult construction zone.

Assembly complete just waiting for the glue to dry so the last clamp can be removed.
Things are about to go flying around this house.


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