I Think A Bomb Exploded

Today and tomorrow will be cleaning up this disaster that I call a house. The past 2 weeks I’ve had stuff going on nearly every day and well when that happens the house cleaning kind of falls to the wayside.
I’ve made the list of all of the things that need to get done and now it’s just finding the motivation to actually do it. I will though because the clutter and dog hair dust bunnies are starting to send me over the edge.
I’m extremely OCD and when there is clutter about I get a bit worked up. So cleaning will be happening.
I’m eating some lunch and then it’s righting this disaster area that looks like a bomb hit, or otherwise known as my house.
I do want the house clean and organized because the husband will be home in a little over a week and well with the human tornado that he is there will be mess, clutter, and disorganization in about .02 seconds after he walks through the door. So, if I get the clutter cleaned up now when he adds his own brand of disaster to the house at least it’ll only be that as opposed to added on to the existing clutter.
Enough with the procrastination. Clean time is on.


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