Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah.
And, well my gift from the husband arrived just in time.
A little about this gift. My husband’s wedding band is pretty unique. It’s a band with gears in it that actually work. It’s perfect for an engineer/nerd/pilot. Of course I was kicking myself for getting him this particular ring on our flight from Vegas to Rome, Italy. As the entire time he spun the thing and played with it so all I heard was this spinning gear moving sound. Yeah, it made for a long flight.
If you haven’t seen it before or heard of it here’s a picture of the ring, this isn’t his ring because well his is on his finger currently and well he’s not in the country right now for me to get a shot of it.

So yeah it’s pretty darn cool.
Well a little over a week ago the company that makes these rings released a new product and sent me an email with all the specs on the new product. I promptly emailed the husband letting him know that I would like this. His response was Happy Hanukkah!
So what is it you ask? Well it’s a gear necklace of course. So now we can both be geared up. The necklace is a heart with 3 gears in which the chain goes through moving the gears. It’s pretty awesome. I was a little worried that it would be heavy but it’s not at all. It’s lightweight and not overly large. I love it.

You can get your own gear ring or necklace or both by visiting Kinekt Designs.
Because, who doesn’t like a little science and fun with their jewelry.
Happy first night of Hanukkah.


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