Last night’s Krav class was a good one. Want to know how I know before class was even over I had bruises forming. Last week’s class that I attended was anything but fun. It was a lot of military style PT.
Last night’s class was all about elbows. Throwing elbows to the front, side, and back. Luckily, my elbows weren’t scraped raw like some others, but they were definitely red and hot to the touch for a while afterwards. I learned last night that I’m a lot better at throwing elbows with my right than my left. I’m going to have to work on that because my left side is weak. And, by weak I mean a complete joke.
Along, with the throwing of elbows we worked on getting out of a chokehold when we are pushed up against a wall. We had done something like this once before, but used a different technique to escape it. Last night we did it with elbows instead of the sweep and swim as I call it.
I of course left the class sweaty and exhausted, and this morning am finding all sorts of new bruises. Bruises, are pretty awesome when you earn them. And, well last night I earned them.


Krav Maga I’m loving it.


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