I Miss The Munchkins

Today, I spent the day with little Miss Allyssa. She’s my friend’s little 8 month old daughter. She is such a good baby. We had a great day, we had some tummy time, played with toys, read a book, had a bottle, and even a nap.
I definitely miss hanging out with kids. I used to do it every day and now it’s just a once in a while thing.
I love the things that kids do and say. Well okay I don’t love everything they do. Sometimes they may make my blood boil. But, after a few minutes I can usually find some humor in it.
I’ll have to get out some of my crafts and plan a project to do with the little cutie pie.
The dogs loved having her around as well. Anytime Allyssa made a peep they were both investigating to make sure she was okay. They also were really into giving kisses well trying too. I had to keep that at bay.
Along with having the baby here I was able to get some chores around the house done and made a big pot of chili in the crock pot. More comfort food for dinner.
Hope you’re having a good Tuesday.


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