It’s Getting Colder

The weather here in Virginia is starting to get a bit colder. Nothing compared to what people up North have seen so far, but it’s been in the high 40’s to low 50’s. Add in the rain and wind, and you do get a bit of a chill.
Tonight, it’s in the 40’s and rainy with some wind blowing around outside. And, lucky for me last night I had made a big pot of soup.
I was planning ahead as I knew I wouldn’t be home till 8 tonight because of my Zumba and yoga class.
Last night I made a large pot of Mexican Chicken Soup. And, well I didn’t try it last night while it was cooking, but the smells coming from that pot were to die for. I couldn’t wait to try it.
Well, tonight after getting home from class I filled up a bowl and warmed it up. The soup was delicious. It has all of the good hearty tasty stuff that makes up a good soup, and then the added kick of some spice from the spices that were added. You can check out the recipe here.
It’s delicious and I highly recommend you give it a try. I cut the recipe in half as if I had made the full recipe I would have gallons of this soup, not that I would mind because it is that good. I’m going to freeze most of it so that I can pull it out at another time and enjoy it. It’s even a soup that my husband I’m sure will love as well.
I topped the soup with fresh cilantro and avocado to round out the soup.

Now looking at that you know you want to try it.
Happy Monday!


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