Zumba-thon WHAT!!!

Today, thanks to some of my fellow Zumba friends at my weekly classes I attended a Zumba-thon. 2.5 hours of non-stop Zumba.
This event is held every year and it’s a toy drive for Toys For Tots. You can either bring in an unwrapped gift or pay $10 to get in. I had bought 2 gifts and gladly handed them over. It’s for a great cause. And, hey that second gift won me a raffle prize. More on that in a minute.
The event is set up by many of the Zumba instructors in the area. Different groups of instructors would take to the stage and lead the party for 15-20 minutes and then new instructors would come up.
It was a lot of fun, and a bit of a challenge since I had no idea what the steps were and trying to follow them at times was very difficult. But, I had a smile on my face, I was moving, and pretty much everyone of us in the gym were in the same boat. There was a lot of laughing going on as we all kind of looked around at each other going what the? Wait what step am I supposed to be doing, oops wrong way, uh-oh wrong way again. It was a lot of fun.
I saw a couple of familiar faces from my weekly classes which was cool and even Priscilla, the instructor I take classes with was there.
They did a brief intermission where they raffled off lots of prizes, and by bringing in a toy for the toy drive you got a ticket. Well, as I mentioned earlier my second gift I brought in won me a raffle prize.
I won a Zumba t-shirt

Whoop! I actually won something.
And, here’s a group shot, we’ll sort of I went to take the picture as everyone was getting up to move. But, you get the idea lots of Zumba people out for the event.

It was a great workout.
I moved nearly 13,000 steps, burned around 1000 calories, and walked over 5 miles. So, a great 2 hours spent. Now to shower and pass out I’m exhausted.


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