Yesterday, I had an appointment with a chiropractor here in VA. They kind of aggravated me and I may not be going back after my next appointment.
I have had X-rays done by the chiropractor in Wyoming. They wanted to do new ones since they were almost 3 years old, I said fine. They also did nerve scans. Ok great, I get that you want to be thorough and make sure nothing is wrong, but I’ve been going to the chiropractor for years. I know what needs to be done. I need to be adjusted in my T3-T7 and I need my hip adjusted.
I was there for 2 hours and you guessed it no adjustment was done. I wanted to scream. The entire reason I went was because I need an adjustment.
So now I have a follow up appointment next Friday in which we will go over my X-rays and scans and come up with a treatment plan. The treatment plan chiropractor I hate to tell you will be I call when I need an adjustment. I’m not doing this whole come in x amount of times a week. And, they are really good at this place they are highly recommended but if they won’t just agree to adjustments here and there I will be looking for somewhere else to go.
I do not have the time or money to be going to see them multiple times a week. And well let’s face it the issue in my mid-back is not going to be fixed. It’s just a thing I’ve got to live with for the time being. The way that will be fixed will be with a breast reduction that won’t happen until after children. There is no sense in having them reduced before children. So yeah, adjustments are it for the time being.
Why can’t doctors listen to their patients. I know exactly what has to be done and if I could do it myself I would, but unfortunately I can’t. We will see how I make out at the next appointment but in the meantime I researching other chiropractors in the area.


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