Decorations Everywhere!

Yesterday I told you how I took down my fall decorations, which I’m sure my neighbors were happy about.
Well, let me tell you Christmas has thrown up on the neighbors across the street. Lights, blinking signs, and all sorts of other decorations. And, I don’t even think they finished eating their turkey before setting it all up. I may have seen them gnawing on a turkey leg as they were stringing lights.
However, it’s not just my neighbors it seems like everyone the minute they put down their forks from Thanksgiving dinner they are pulling out their decorations and putting them all up.
Everywhere I look there are trees up, lights strung up, and decorations all over the place. I feel like every year this gets earlier and earlier. I love Christmas and I love the holiday lights but WOW, give it a week or so between the holidays before we start on the decorations for the next.
Maybe it’s because I’m not putting up any decorations this year. As the husband will be gone once again for Christmas and well I’m not climbing on the roof to hang lights or chopping down a tree. I’ll dig out my menorah for Hanukkah because well that takes no effort and I’ll enjoy everyone else’s lights and decorations because well they’ve been up for a week already.
So let’s see all the lights and decorated trees.


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