Ughhhh Tuesdays

So apparently here in Hampton Roads Tuesday means absolute traffic nightmare. Oh yeah and then add in rain and it gets even better.
45 minutes to get home tonight and normally that would be a nuisance but ah whatever. However, when I have class at 7:45 and need to get home make dinner and eat all before class taking 45 minutes to get home is just something I don’t have time for.
For Reals

Luckily I’m really good at managing my time when I’m pressed for it. Years of procrastination have paid off. I’m an excellent time manager when I have none of it.
I managed to take care of the dogs, change out of my yoga clothes into my Krav Maga clothes, and make Citrus Chicken for dinner. I ate my dinner, emptied the dishwasher, loaded the dishwasher, and even had time to write this post. A few minutes of downtime before I rush out the door again.
Let’s just say I want the husband home because well I miss him, but let’s be honest it’ll be nice to hop in the HOV lane on Tuesday and Thursday nights after the gym. I’m contemplating taking surface roads home on Tuesday but I’m sure that won’t be much better. It’s something to think about. At least Thursday night I won’t have to make dinner I will just have to reheat tonight’s leftovers.
Now it’s off to Krav Maga, enjoy your night.
Oh, and I’m sure my neighbors are happy as today I took down the fall decorations that were outside, especially since they’ve all had their Christmas decorations up since the minute they finished their turkey. More on that tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Ughhhh Tuesdays

    • Oh I’m eating chicken, turkey, and fish now. I had a scare right before Casey first left the first time where I was sick, tired, bruising more than normal, and my hair was falling out. Went to the doctor and was told need more protein ASAP. Also started doing protein shakes. I was only getting like 10% of the protein I needed with all of the working out I was doing. It wasn’t good. But, now I’m eating more protein.

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