It’s A Hard Life

So my dogs are pretty much spoiled rotten. Every time we leave they get a treat of some kind, be it a bone, rawhide, or jerky they get something. They have more toys then they know what to do with. Of course the types of toys they are allowed to have has become smaller every day. Basically they are allowed to have Kong Extremes and balls. They eat everything else. Stuffed toys are an absolute no-no in my house. Within seconds I’m picking up stuffing.
They used to have nice plush dog beds well they no longer have them because they’ve decided to eat them. And, well the house in Wyoming it didn’t really matter since it was wall to wall carpet. However here in Virginia the house is all hard wood floors which I love from a cleaning stand point. But yeah so now they want something to lay on. I refuse to spend $30+ on a dog bed and oh wait I need 2 just for them to eat them. I dug out some blankets that have seen better days, they are actually the blankets that I use in the car. So now I have extra laundry to do. As in they get washed every other day, but I have to be quick and stealth about it. We have a blanket set up in the living room and in the bedroom for them. And, well the 2 of them love it and freak out if the blanket is in the wash. So I have to do them in a certain order so that the blankets are always around for them.

Yeah as you can see they like it. And, this is what they do after coming from outdoors and barking their heads off. It’s exhausting to bark like a lunatic apparently. Ah pets you gotta love them.


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