So This Happened

This afternoon I was hanging out at home not wanting to do much since it was pouring rain here. My friends to the north and west of me got snow. I’ll take the rain, I’ve yet to fully recover from last years winter in Wyoming.
Anyway, as I was chilling out at home I heard sirens. Lots of them. My house is about a quarter of a mile off the main road so I don’t hear regular traffic but I can hear EMS vehicles easily. The sirens were blaring and I could tell there were multiple vehicles on their way somewhere.
Well, to my shock they were all heading down my street. 5 fire trucks, a cop car, the chief car, and then another fire truck came in. However the last truck to show up quickly left after seeing the response. I’m guessing it was a slow day for the departments around here because by the looks of the response half the city’s fire department showed up.


I’m hoping that it wasn’t too bad and everyone is safe.
On another note my dogs have been driving me insane lately. They are up my butt. I can’t do anything without them following me and climbing up my butt. It’s going to be a long weekend home with them. I’m hoping they aren’t this way all weekend or I may just pull my hair out.
Happy Thanksgiving Eve!


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