Trivia Crack

Well let’s put it this way the name of the app is completely fitting.
I recently discovered a new app for the iPhone. It’s aptly called Trivia Crack. And, it’s as addictive as crack, well I wouldn’t know from experience as I’ve never done crack, but I’m sure it is. I really need to turn the notifications off for this app because every time my phone goes off I grab my phone and set off to answer questions. It’s really ridiculous. I find myself counting down an hour so that I can start another match. It’s ridiculous. I’m really going to be of no use to life if I keep it up. But, hey I’m learning all sorts of trivia facts.
There are 6 categories:
And, some of the questions are a breeze to answer and others I shake my head saying I have no flipping clue. But, I love it. Ahhhhh trivia. I’m also currently counting down the minutes for the start of Jeopardy. Yeah, I love trivia and answering questions.
So if you like trivia and don’t care if other parts of your life my become a bit neglected go download yourself some Trivia Crack.


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