This afternoon we got a bit of a rain storm. Luckily, I had made it to where I needed to be just before the rain started coming down in sheets.
The water hitting my windshield was like the water that comes across your car while in an automatic car wash. I’m glad I was pulling into a parking space when it got that heavy, because if I had been on the highway I would of been pulled over to the side of the road. There was no way you could see to drive.
Of course, with the amount of rain that was coming down it meant that I was sitting in my car for awhile because I wasn’t going to make it inside with the way it was coming down. I only had to wait 10 minutes or so, but while I was sitting in my car someone pulled in next to me and slammed their door into my car. And, then just waved at me. Uhmmmmm, seriously you JackHat! I was parked center in my spot so if you had parked correctly in your spot you would of had plenty of room and wouldn’t need to hit my car. I really considered chasing him down and punching him in the face, but lucky for him he didn’t debt or scratch my car.
Every day I think I start to dislike people even more.
It was in the 70’s today and not supposed to get out of the 30’s tomorrow. Yeah that’s quite the temperature change.
Happy Monday.


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