Smelly Dogs

So, the thing about your dogs having play dates and having more than one dog is that, when around other dogs they get their funk on them along with their own.
My dogs slobber all over each other on a regular basis and then add in a play date this week with 3 other dogs and well that equals a whole lot of dog funk.
Needless to say my dogs are pretty smelly right now and in serious need of a bath. Unfortunately, it is way too cold to give them a bath outside. It’s in the high 30’s here which yeah too cold for them to be getting wet outside. The husband is currently out of the country which means I don’t have help to wash them anyway. And, giving them a bath in our tub could happen but not without help it’s not. So yeah I think they are going to have to take a trip to the groomers for a quick bath, because the smell is pretty awful.
We have 2 pet supply stores right near the house and I know at least one of them has grooming services. I will be calling them to get prices to see what it will cost to have better smelling dogs for a day or so at least.
Yup, missing the warm weather already because at least then they could be washed outside and run around outside like lunatics while they are wet instead of in the house. Winter are you over yet?


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