Play Date

Yesterday, I headed over to a friend’s house to help out with some unpacking and organizing of the house. I took the dogs along with me so that they could have a play date with their 3 dogs.
The dogs were fairly well behaved when you have 5 dogs running around. And, they all have energy to spare. Of course every time we get together with the dogs it seems to rain. Whenever there was a break in the rain the dogs took advantage of the yard and ran around like crazy animals. There was lots of stick tossing and chasing.
While the dogs played we made some serious progress on one of the many projects they have going at the house.
Little Ms Heidi even did awesome. She went right in the house without freaking out and joined the other dogs and had no problem getting petted. We are making progress. Maybe she will become socialized this century.
And, the best part of the whole thing my dogs were exhausted last night. They slept like babies. I love when that happens.
So, yesterday was a productive day in my book.


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